Type Of Site

    Anonymous Blog

Services Involved

  • Streamlined Wordpress Coding
  • Front-end posting system
  • Mobile-compatible design
  • Content writing

Why It Matters

    Highlights my understanding of usability, my attention to detail, and my ability to execute every aspect of website creation.


The design of Anonyming is mobile-compatible and highly usable. I call this the ATM approach to design, where the requirements of an accessible user interface come before aesthetics. This approach was important in making the site usable on both desktop and mobile devices. Rather than utilizing responsive media queries, or creating a unique mobile theme, I decided to see if you could make one theme work in both spaces.

The build is very clean as I’m continuing to minimize code in order to maximize speed. The load time on mobile devices is very fast considering that I’m unable to use a cache plugin due to the nature of the site. As usual, no more plugins are in use than necessary.

The front-end code presented a challenge and required some PHP modification. I also figured out how to have excerpt text keep it’s formatting, which users prefer.

I wrote all the content. The About and Rules pages needed to be fairly professional in tone in order to set high expectations for site moderation. The site has many potential legal ramifications and I had to include and edit terms of service and ensure that the site had adequate disclaimers.