Type Of Site

    Cosmetic Enhancement

Services Involved

  • Full Site Design
  • Fully Dynamic Development
  • Content Development

Why It Matters

    Designed by me and built in 2 days.


A marketing company came to me needing quick turnaround on a professional website for their client, a non-invasive cosmetic enhancement business. Using a commercial theme was a possibility, but as the desired aesthetic was very clean, current, and similar to the structure to my base WordPress theme, I decided to wing it and do an on-the-fly design and custom build.

In addition to design and development I also did a fair amount of work organizing the content and writing header text and promotional copy.

Results may vary. I wouldn’t bet on my frequently achieving these results in 16 hours. In this case things came together. And the result reflects many of my core instincts about user experience.

Unfortunately, the client decided after launch to make the site dark against my advice.