So, why hire me? What sets me apart from other candidates? Or more simply, what should you be looking for when hiring a web producer?

Over time I've come to think that three things are most critical.

1) Successful web production is driven by broad experience.

2) Client satisfaction depends on effective communication.

3) Your website must be competitive in your market.

Experience and Breadth

For the past five years I have been responsible for nearly every aspect of web production on over 100 websites. So when I look at websites, I see all the moving parts.

I know if the design is consistent. I know if the user interface is intuitive. I know if the content is well written. I know if the SEO is strong.

With broad experience I am able to reach a level of quality you might expect from a team, and this greatly increases the value of all the services I offer.

Effective Communication

Web developers are not famous for being good at client relations. Knowing about technology is very different than being able to explain it.

With experience in education and a good memory of not knowing this stuff, I am able to inform my clients in ways that ensure effective outcomes.

Competitive Analysis

Any new website should be designed and built to compete in it's market.

Whether it's looking similar while also better, having better SEO, or simply having more effective conversion elements, every new site should be competitive.

After years of learning what works, I bring that insight to every project.