Los Angeles WordPress Meetup Groups

Los Angeles WordPress Meetup Groups

Meetups are a great way to network with other WordPress developers, to keep up with trends in the industry, and to learn new skills. The following is a brief summary of available Meetups in Los Angeles and what to expect when you attend.

Meetups: The Only Available Option

Finding opportunities to meet and learn from other WordPress professionals can be very challenging if you don’t know where to look. While community colleges may offer classes, and there are a couple of yearly events you can attend, the local WordPress community in Los Angeles is centered around Meetup groups.

Meetup groups are interest groups set up through the website Meetup.com or using the Meetup mobile app. Using the website or app, people are able to create and promote recurring events that focus on specific interests. Tech industry meetups range from groups focused on learning how to code to groups centered around sharing design concepts.

Meetup groups are generally held on a monthly basis. They most often include presentations and offer time for people attending to meet one another, talk about their experience, and ask questions. And if you are lucky, you might be provided free food, drink, and promotional materials.

Make The Most Out Of Your Meetup Group

Meetup groups offer a number of opportunities for people interested in WorPpress or working in the field. Some may simply want to watch presentations and then leave, but that is missing one of the main benefits of attending; meeting people.

Whether you know nothing about WordPress or are an advanced developer, meetups offer a chance to talk to and learn from others. Those attending will include people with the same level of knowledge as yourself. Speaking with these people can help you gain confidence toward taking additional steps forward in your learning, whether it’s taking your first steps with HTML and CSS, using WordPress themes and plugins, or taking your first steps toward building custom themes.

There will also be experts present who can answer questions you might have and offer advice about how to gain new skills. Experts can help you learn how to work with clients, how to run your development business, and will be able to offer tips on how to better build custom WordPress themes.

In addition, WordPress meetups offer the chance to simply meet new people who may have some similar interests. Many friends and couples have emerged from these meetings and so meetups have become a significant way that people extend their social circle.

WordPress Meetups in and around Los Angeles