Type Of Site

    Food Product Information

Services Involved

  • Design realization and enhancement
  • Streamlined Wordpress Dashboard
  • SEO meta-descriptions

Why It Matters

    Highlights my ability to work with Photoshop and also realize the intended direction of a design.


Peartree Pantry is a company offering sauces and condiments that came to me with a half-designed site that had been very poorly set up in WordPress. (See below)

I took the basic structure I was given and fully realized what I felt was the intention of the design. This involved a good deal of work in Photoshop enhancing the provided graphics and also my insistence that the text and navigation on the doors of the pantry be true to perspective.

In addition I greatly streamlined the WordPress admin by removing un-needed elements and setting up a user account for the client with uncritical information hidden from view.