Type Of Site

    Personal Interest

Services Involved

  • Topically relevant design
  • Highly dynamic features
  • Javascript implementation and modification

Why It Matters

    Highly consistent design with clean presentation of extensive meta-data. Javascript modification.


Fools and fanatics is a blog that highlights the most blatantly false or misleading statements made my influential people. It’s an effort to make a politically educational site that’s entertaining to read.

The design is based on the fate of the Heaven’s Gate cult. I made a great effort to unify all design elements on the site with color and the opposing border radii. The element I’m most happy with is the post information box (see below) where I was able to pull together content that is often scattered.

The rating system uses a plugin that I had to pull apart and modify in order to generate lists of the worst rated post by week, month, and all time.